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Some of the popular videos featured through this site are of an adult nature. For this reason we are labeling this web site as “adults only”. Hot video stream was created to help people enjoy the hottest videos available online, in convenient tagged chanels that are easy to access for podcast consumers, mobile phone video watching, and desktop video users who want great videos in a convenietnt feed, fast. Many of the most popular videos include sexy girls in bikinis, public nudity and other themes of an adult nature. So this site is now labeled as adult, and is made for adults only to share and enjoy video here No one under the age of 18 is permitted to acces this web site..

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Hot video stream is currently in Alpha 1.3. Two more bugs to hash out, then we will begine public beta - slated for February 2007. Video review writers and submitters can contact us for jobs helping tag and classify the videos we are adding to the stream. Partnerships will be considered if you have hundreds of hours of video content to upload or share.